Budget & Finances


The Town budget is comprised of two types of funds, governmental and enterprise funds. The General Fund and various Capital Project Funds comprise the governmental funds, and are primarily funded (about 73% of the General Fund) through sales taxes, which include a local option sales tax, a resort community sales tax and a transient room tax.

Other General Fund revenues include:

  • Property taxes
  • Franchise taxes
  • Development related application fees and other government related revenues.
  • Business licensing and related revenues.


The Water Fund, Sewer Fund, and the Irrigation Fund are the various enterprise and special revenue funds and are primarily funded through usage fees.  Other specialized funds include the Springdale Municipal Building Authority Fund, which is primarily funded through transfers from the General Fund and the Transportation Fund, which is funding primarily through parking meter revenue.

Please explore the following pages for more information on:

  • Annual budgets and audit reports
  • Information on tax rates for the Town, including sales tax and property tax rates
  • The Town's consolidated fee schedule