Green Springdale

The Town of Springdale is committed to making changes that will positively affect not only Washington County, but the planet as well. Some of these changes are small in nature, changing light bulbs from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. Other changes are quite substantial such as making changes to city operations and purchasing alternative energy.

Some of the things Springdale is doing, that you may not be aware of, include:


We continue to work with the Washington County Solid Waste District to promote the  county-wide recycling program through BluCan and recycling binnies located behind the town offices.  Please see the District's recycling page for information on the program.

The Town is also a member of the Southern Utah Recycling Coalition. Please see our recycling page for more information.

Green Springdale, Locally is Globally

Festivals & Events

The Town sponsors annual Earth Day and Arbor Day Celebrations, providing education about sustainable practices. While now a private event, the Zion Canyon Music Festival continues to suppory the development of renewable energy in Southern Utah. Please watch these websites for more information about the celebrations.


The Town Council recently passed a Resolution expressing commitment to taking action to reduce climate pollution in keeping with goals in the Town's General Plan and expressing support for of the principles of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.  Previous Town Councils have passed a resolution supporting the Kyoto Protocol and the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

We are working with the Green Team from Zion National Park and Xanterra, the Park concessions operator, to develop more options for recycling and composting in Springdale. Please see the latest GreeNote from the Park for information on how we can all help the environment.

Support Documents

Blue Sky Wind Energy

Beyond our solar project, the Town currently purchases 128,400 kWh per year (about 23% of the power used in Town operations) from renewable sources through the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky program. With this commitment to purchase renewable energy, the Town has been recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner. Several local businesses and residences also purchase energy through the program.

In March of 2008, then Mayor Cluff challenged the community to support the development of renewable energy sources and work towards a goal of 15% of ALL power used in Springdale coming through the Blue Sky program. In response to the challenge, participation in the Blue Sky Energy program doubled.  Since 2008, the Town has been recognized as an EPA Green Power community

Currently, 67 power customers, both commercial and residential, in Springdale are also Blue Sky customers. A list of our commercial Blue Sky partners can be found on the participating businesses portion of the Blue Sky website (filter by "Springdale"). Between Blue Sky purchases, the Town's solar projects and private solar systems, more than 5% of the TOTAL energy used in the community now comes from renewable sources. Please visit the Blue Sky Program website for information on how to become a Blue Sky supporter. 

As we continue to move forward with in-town solar projects, residents who install household solar, and more Blue Sky Energy customers, we will continue to improve the environment for future generations.
Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Renewable Energy Business Partner
EPA Green Power Partner