Solar Energy

During 2008 we received a grant from Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky Program to fund two solar power arrays in the Town. One is installed at the Town Park next to the ball field. The other is at the sewer lagoons. Both arrays are online and operational putting solar energy into the grid and offsetting Town utility costs.

Since that time, the Town has received funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the U.S. Department of Energy to construct additional solar energy infrastructure. These funds came to the Town through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program managed by the Utah Office of Energy Development.

Since starting this solar project in 2008, the Town has installed 94.6 kW of solar capacity, offsetting energy used in town municipal operations. All these solar arrays are net metered on Rocky Mountain Power's system.

Private solar installations also add to Springdale's status as a EPA Green Power Community.  Private homes and businesses have collectively installed 124 kW of solar capacity within the Town. Logo

Ball Field Array (1kW array)

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The ball field array offsets power used on the ball-field, including many town events and festivals. During the 2010 Zion Canyon Music Festival this array, in conjunction with a private solar array, put more power on the grid than used by the Festival. Green Tow, a local solar company that produces trailer mounted solar arrays, provides power for the Festival vendor booth.

6 - 175 watt panels

Ball Field Array

Wastewater Treatment Arrays (sewer lagoons) (45.66 kW array total)

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The wastewater solar array consists of six bi-directional tracking arrays and eight fixed pole mounted arrays. The power generated by this array is used on reduce the amount of energy used in wastewater treatment operations. 
Wastewater Treatment Arrays

Blower Building Tracking Array - 16.56 kW

  • 6 poles with dual axis tracking capability 
  • 48 - 175 watt panels (first phase)
  • 48 - 170 watt panels (second phase)
Blower Building Tracking Array

Blower Building Fixed Array - 14.70 kW

  • 4 fixed position poles
  • 60 - 245 watt panels
Blower Building Fixed Array

UV Building Fixed Array - 14.4 kW

  • 4 fixed position poles
  • 60 - 245 watt panels
UV Building Fixed Array

Culinary Water Booster Pump Array 22.05 kW

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This array offsets the energy used in pumping culinary water from the water treatment plant to the town's 1 million gallon water tank.  

90 - 240 watt panels

Culinary Water Booster Pump Array

1MG Water Tank Array (25.4 kW array)

At this time this array is not connected to our monitoring system so no link is available.

This array offsets power used at the Canyon Community Center and Town Hall.

108 - 240 watt panels

1MG Water Tank Array