Youth Activities of Zion (YAZ)

For more information, calendars and activities please visit the YAZ Website.

About YAZ

Founded in 1998, YAZ (Youth Activities of Zion) is thriving. During the summer our children can choose from a varitey of scheduled activities. Slogans like "All that YAZ" and "Zion is HOT - YAZ is COOL," speak of the enriching program that the local kids of Zion Canyon are offered. It is through volunteer support that our program is alive.


YAZ's goal is to provide challenging, creative, physical and rewarding experiences for the kids of Zion Canyon. Some activities are weekly and others are once a season. The kids get to go hiking, swimming, horseback riding, make pottery, enjoy live theatre, and the list goes on and on.

What was started as an urgent response to keep our kids occupied, off the streets and happy during the summer months has become one of the most surprisingly successful volunteer programs our area has ever seen.


The Canyon is so fortunate to have such an awesome youth program. We should really compliment ourselves on the opportunities we offer our kids. Funding for YAZ comes from the Town of Springdale and private donations. Most activities are free however some require fees to help cover the costs.


We are always in need of new ideas so if you want to register as a volunteer we welcome your participation. Forms are available at the library.

E-mail YAZ Kids for questions about YAZ.