Springdale Virgin River Management Plan (Draft)

The Virgin River is an essential part of the community of Springdale, valued by residents as a source of water, and a place to recreate and enjoy the beauty of nature. The Virgin River Management Plan provides a comprehensive analysis for preserving the quality of the river in the face of increasing development within the river corridor.

The plan focuses on three broad topic areas: Land Use, which is concentrated on land use and development near the river; Environment, which addresses protecting and restoring the riparian corridor, habitat, and water quality of the Virgin River; Recreation, which encourages appropriate recreational use of the river corridor.

Each topic area contains several goals to guide efforts and describes the benefits and strategies associated with those goals. By working with residents, business owners, and visitors, we can preserve the qualities of the Virgin River that make it such an important part of the Springdale community.

Springdale Virgin River Management Plan (DRAFT)