What items do I need for my DDR Application?

1.  **Site Analysis**  View the site analysis requirements for more information. Make sure all the required elements of the site analysis are included. Upload all information required in the site analysis in a *single* PDF document.

2.  **Geotechnical Report**  If the property is in an area at high risk of natural hazard, the geotechnical report must include an initial analysis of site-specific geologic hazards.  An additional geologic hazards investigation may also be required in areas at high risk of natural hazard.

3.  **Residential Building Height and Size Increase Agreement Form**  This form is *only* required for single and two-family residences in the VR and FR zones when the property owner requests a size and height increase pursuant to Chapter 10-15H of the Town Code. Contact Tomas Dansie for more information (tdansie@springdale.utah.gov).

4.  **Payment information**  You are able to pay the application fee with a credit card or ACH bank transfer.

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1. What items do I need for my DDR Application?