The Washington County Solid Waste District has implemented a County-wide drop off recycling program. The program provides areas throughout the county where residents can take recyclable materials for collection. The drop off location in Springdale is on Lion Boulevard., just past the Town Park. There is a large dirt parking area on the right side of the road. Seven recycling containers, called "Binnies," are located on the side of the parking area.
Recycling Binnies
The following materials can be put into the Binnies for recycling:
  • Glass
  • Mixed metal
  • Mixed paper
  • Mixed plastic
View a chart of recyclable materials (PDF)

Materials Sold

The materials collected will be sold by the District and the money collected will be returned to the various communities to support local projects. The Town Council has directed that money from the recycling program will be used to fund the Zion Canyon Community Trail project.

A complete list of materials, plus a list of other recycling areas in the County may be found at the District website. Visit the District recycling page.

Cardboard Collection

The District has recently added several cardboard collection sites for recycling corrugated cardboard. The sites are Harmons on 700 South, Albertsons in Washington, Albertsons on Sunset and Lin's Marketplace on Sunset. Independent of the District, Republic Services has provided the Town of Springdale with a cardboard recycling bin that is located next to the binnies. Cardboard material must be flattened to fit into the bin.

The Town of Springdale supports recycling and encourages residents, businesses and visitors to recycle.