Recycling Binnies

The Washington County Solid Waste recycling program is the first county-wide recycling program in the history of Southern Utah. The binnies provide the public locations to drop off their paper, plastic, metal and glass. Operational costs for this program are covered by residential garbage removal fees.

Binnie Location

Binnies are located throughout the County in about 40 locations. Generally located in easily accessible areas, dropping off recyclables is a very easy process. Please go to the County's binnie locator service to find binnies that are near your location.

Additional Information

View a recycle chart (PDF) of what can and can not be recycled and how it needs to be prepped to go into the binnies. The number one problem for recycling is keeping contamination (non-recyclable items, food products, wet garbage) out of the recycling.

Why recycle? Check out these recycling facts on the District's recycling page.

Other questions? Check out the District's FAQ page.