Zoning is the process by which the Town regulates the development and use of property. Zoning laws establish rules governing what you do with your property: what uses are allowed, how big structures can be, what buildings need to look like, etc. The Town gets its authority to establish zoning laws from Utah State Code section 10-9a-102.

There are two main parts to the Town's zoning laws: the zoning map and the zoning ordinance.
  1. Zoning Map
  2. Zoning Summary
  3. Zoning Ordinance


The zoning map identifies different land use zones throughout the town. The town currently has seven zones:
  • Agricultural
  • Central Commercial
  • Federal Lands
  • Foothill Residential
  • Public Use
  • Valley Residential
  • Village Commercial
Every property in the town is in one of these seven zones.

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map (PDF) designates the boundaries of the different zones in Springdale. For a complete description of each zone and the regulations for each, please see Town Code Title 10.

Additional Information

Please contact Planning Department staff at 435-772-3434 with any questions regarding the town's zoning regulations.