General Plan

Vision for Future Growth & Development

The Town's General Plan establishes the vision for future growth and development in the Town. The plan lists Goals, Objectives, and Strategies to help the Town achieve that vision. The Plan is update every five years, based on community feedback, changes in conditions, and new development. The Plan is advisory in nature. It is intended to inform the decisions of the Planning Commission and Town Council regarding land use, new development, and town operations.

Guiding Principles

The General Plan contains broad guiding principles that set the theme for the rest of the content in the Plan. These guiding principles are:
  1. Safeguard the unique small town atmosphere of Springdale through limited orderly growth and building appearance standards.
  2. Create enduring value and beauty in land use decisions involving future development in the community by utilizing building design guidelines and architectural standards that complement the natural environment.
  3. Maintain and enhance the economic sustainability of Springdale by encouraging small independent business.
  4. Protect and preserve natural features, which define Springdale as a unique and wilderness-like experience - clean air, clear night skies, a clean Virgin River, open spaces and unobscured vistas surrounding the Town.
  5. Develop a community and destination where walking, bicycling, and the shuttle service are the desired and preferred mode of transportation.
  6. Preserve historic assets and integrate new development to blend with and complement historic sites.
  7. Encourage and support a rich array of cultural, educational and recreational activities.
  8. Maintain a safe environment, in order to minimize risks from natural, social and man-made hazards.
  9. Anticipate and address the housing needs of the community.
  10. Maintain a healthy partnership with Zion National Park that is mutually beneficial to both the Town and the Park.
  11. Maintain adequate public services (culinary water, irrigation, sewer, streets), capable of sustaining the Town's growing population.
  12. Promote sustainability in new and existing development by reducing the amount of natural resources required to construct, maintain, and operate homes, businesses, and municipal buildings.
The General Plan can be accessed by the following the links. A printed copy is available in the Town Offices and the Springdale Library. The revised and updated version includs a "linked" Table of Contents to make searching through the document much easier.  Just click the Chapter Title or Subsection. 

General Plan Documents

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