Code Enforcement & Compliance

To protect the village character and small town atmosphere of Springdale the Town enforces its land use and nuisance ordinances. The Town usually tries to work cooperatively with property owners in resolving ordinance violations on properties. However, on occasion more direct enforcement of the code is necessary to ensure compliance.

Enforcing Process

The process for enforcing the Town Code is found in section 4-3 and 10-4 of the Code and is summarized as follows:
  1. A written complaint is received at the Town Hall
  2. A notice of the complaint (not the name of the complainant) and the alleged violation, along with a request to contact the Town, is sent to the property owner
  3. An investigation is begun by the Police Department including an inspection of the property where the alleged violation exists
  4. If the complaint is substantiated, a notice of violation, including a time to correct the violation, is sent to the property owner
  5. After the time to correct has expired, a follow up inspection is done
  6. If the violation is not corrected, criminal citations are issued by the Police Department
  7. Citations are prosecuted in the applicable court by the Town Prosecutor
Because of limited resources, the Town utilizes a complaint-driven process and pursues direct enforcement of the Code only upon receiving a written complaint of alleged violations.

A Zoning Violation Complaint Form is available to submit online.

Process Duration

Because the Town's enforcement process includes criminal penalties, the process following the issuance of a notice of violation can take a significant amount of time to resolve. Because of time involved in court actions, it is easy to assume that nothing is happening regarding the violation or perhaps that the issue has been dropped.

If you have a question about a specific action, you are welcome to call the Town Hall at 435-772-3434 to get an update on what is happening.